Pneumatic Tube System Technology

World leader in pneumatic transport system. Your partner in cash handling solution for supermarket, hypermarket, specialized stores, financial institutions, hospitals, petrol stations, toll plaza, and virtually in every type of business that require pneumatic transport.

Aerocom tube systems are in use all over the world. In banks, hospitals, factories, office buildings, retail stores ... just about anywhere you could imagine. Inside new and existing buildings, underground or outside in the open subject to extremes of heat and cold.

Here is a short presentation on how Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System Works

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AC 2



Operation mode:
Single tube-Reversing operation
Twin tube – one-way operation
Max. number of stations: 2

Two-point-connection with slide-station at blower side and open end. The tube at the open end can approach from above, below or horizontally.





Mode of operation:
Single tube - reversing operation
Max. number of stations: 2

This Two-point-system is designed for the connection of two open ends.The air supply is connected somewhere in the middle of the system (Middle-air-connection).


AC 1000



Max. number of stations: 99 stations with 990 destinations
Max. number o zones: 1
Arrival signals per station: 5 / 10
Diverters: 2-way, 3-way
Mode of operation: Fully-automatic single zone system - reversing operation





Max. number of stations: 1 main-station and up to 24 (48) sub-stations
Max. number of zones: 1
Diverters: Y-tube bended or parallel
Mode of operation: Single tube – one-way-operation


AC 3000


Max. number of stations: 254 stations with 65000 destinations
Max. number of zones: 32 (64)
Arrival signals per station: 16
Diverters: 2-way, 3-way, for OD 110 also 4-way
Betriebsart: Fully automatic multi-zone-system – reversing operation